Backside Chakras: Muladhara

The back side of the first chakra is located in a lower-frequency dimension. It contains all the beliefs and experiences we have ever held regarding our rights to manifest, create, and flourish on the physical plane. Through this point, we can tap into core belief systems that affect the nature of our being. The energy we ideally want to channel consists of red (or serpent) kundalini energy. We ignite this “life flame” through our first backside-chakra and open ourselves to our passions, drives, and desires. When this back-side chakra is healed, we can receive all the energies needed to actualize our physical dreams and needs, because we realize that we are physical models of the Divine Source’s expression. Here, we can heal our physical issues, including addictions, blood diseases, and inherited problems. Even more important, this center allows us to open to abundance, worthiness, complete health, and a belief in our own sacredness.

Location: Lower-frequency dimension. Based in the universal pool of physical matter from which all life springs.

Physical Attributes: Holds the key to our beliefs about deserving physical life and well being. Ideally, it will lead us to the necessary realization that we are a manifestation of Divine Source energy, and we deserve all that our essential self requires for full expression.

Feeling Attibutes: Allows universal love energy to enter through the back side of this chakra, which is the basis for the primary feelings shown through the front side of the first chakra. If we disbelieve our own goodness, we will stop up the flow and experience rage, hurt, pain, fear, and more.

Spiritual Attributes: Serves as the physical meeting ground of the sacred. All of life is sacred, from the cellular to the nebulous. Our true essence is breathed into this chakra, where it is shaped for physical experiences. 

Healing Applications: The back side of the first chakra is shaped by all of our prior experiences and beliefs, and those of our fellow human beings. We basically want to eliminate the clogs in this chakra, and erase or transform the beliefs that say “I don’t deserve a fully happy life.” When we become willing to open to the Divine Source’s belief system rather than our own, we find a template that allows unlimited amounts of manifestation energy into our first chakra and spinal system. We can apply this raw energy to heal physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual issues.

Symbols: The colors black, red, and white. Cultural death and life symbols, including the scythe, blood, the ankh, the cross, fertility signs, and natural produce, such as corn and grain.

Chakra one serves as the foundation for our life experience.

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