thebatqueennora asked: Is there such thing of being a good witch? Like the kind that don't use dark magic?

Hi there, thanks for writing in.

I’m going to preface my answer by saying that there’s no such thing as a “good witch” or “dark magic.” This suggests to me that perhaps you have been reading a bit of Silver RavenWolf. Magic in and of itself is neutral. People are very rarely just good or just bad. Any witch can use magic for any purpose they desire; that being said I guess you could be a witch who only does workings for protection, healing, prosperity or other purposes that you perceive to be “good.” However, keep in mind that just because a magical working appears to be “good”— say, a spell to get yourself a better job— it can still cause harm. That job has to come from somewhere, right? You could be getting a single mom fired to get yourself that job without having any idea if you don’t take measures to be sure that you aren’t harming others with your working. Magic and witchcraft are not things to be taken lightly. You need to think about what you are asking for, where those things / goals will come from and who they will affect in the process. Also, someone can still be a “good” witch and perform magic that others may consider “dark” now and then. Contrary to what popular (and chiefly Llewellyn-published) literature about magic and witchcraft will tell you, witchcraft isn’t black and white. I hope this answers your question and provokes some thought about the true nature of witchcraft. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

-Renee (gallowsong)