Morana is a Slavic goddess associated with seasonal agrarian rites based on the idea of death and rebirth of nature. She is associated with death and winter and often described as the goddess of death. The end of winter is still being celebrated in some Slavic countries by throwing an effigy of Morana to the river on first spring day in March.

This is magic, Taken in the forest in Olympia

elvesandgnomes asked: I just wanted to thank you for helping so many people. Including me! Grateful.

You’re so very welcome! I’m glad the admins here have been able to help out and do such a great job for all of you.


Anonymous asked: Can you recommend a good (and easy) spell for good luck? thanks

If you’re looking for something easy, you could simply create a good luck jar. All you need to do is get your hands on a clean jar (like a mason jar) and fill it with herbs, plants, objects, whatever, that symbolize good luck. Acorns, clovers, shiny pennies, moss, lucky bamboo leaves, a turkey feather, frankincense powder, grains of paradise, bay leaves, sesame seeds, a wishbone—there are lots to choose from!

As you fill your jar, make sure your intent is clear. You are doing this in order to bring good luck into your life. When you’re done, seal the jar tightly and then find a nice place for it somewhere in your house. Whenever you feel like you need some good luck, gently shake the jar a few times and envision good luck coming into your life. You can also recite a little chant if you wish, something like, “Bring me luck and good fortune on this day,” or whatever else sounds right to you.

You can also create a little charm bag filled with these items and carry it with you at all times in your pocket, a bag if you carry one, around your neck, etc. 

Hope that helps!

- Sara


Air magic spell to vanquish fear Earth Power by Scott Cunningham (page 49)



If you burn incence on charcoal, try using salt instead of sand in the container.

You can then mix the ashes with the salt and you’ll always have powerful “black” salt at hand.

I use it for purification, protection and especially for cleansing my home with.

ulihelisdi asked: Hello! I was wondering if you had anything significant to reveal about familiars? Specifically cats, as I have one myself?

Familiars are said to appear to us randomly or when we least expect it. I’ve always heard that a familiar chooses you, and that is especially true with strong-willed creatures such as cats. You can have more than one familiar at a time, and over the course of your life more may appear to you, seeing as we typically have longer lifespans than animal familiars (unless your familiar is a tortoise or a cockatoo, for example). But even after their passing, familiars can continue to serve you as spirits.

Familiars don’t necessarily have to be animals, though. Some witches have familiar plants. Some witches have said that their familiars were spirits all along, animal spirits or otherwise. It can vary from person to person.

As for cats in particular, well, cats have been linked to witches and the occult for quite a long time, which is why witches and cats are still to this day often linked or associated together by lots of people. They really do make excellent familiars. Cats were also once regarded as very sacred beings in ancient Egypt, so they have a very long and significant history that is worth looking into in greater detail. 

In my own personal experience, my strongest magic work has involved my cats somehow. They are very powerful allies to have as a witch and are said to make your magic much more powerful and effective. Whether they help you with your magic, or the magic is about them, or even if they’re simply in the room, it really is remarkable. Rose quartz makes my male cat purr like crazy when I place it near him. For me, magic is a way that allows me to communicate with my cats in a unique way. The same was true for my dog as well, before she passed.

That being said, there are some cats who like to give their witches a hard time, lol. Like I said, cats are very strong-willed and like to do as they please, which may sometimes involve drinking your bowl consecrated full moon water or knocking things off your altar. At the end of a day, even if they’re your familiar, a cat is still a cat. You may have to work around them a bit. But they’re very loyal and once you belong to them, you’re theirs for the rest of their life. :)

Hope this is along the lines of what you were looking for!

- Sara



I am so Lucky, my Mum brought me this today, very expensive, early birthday present. I adore my new Hecate statue.

A friend has this one and it is lovely



I’m just going to take a deep breath and let it out… I’m not even going to talk about a certain le box ghost sidekick… but there is something that is bugging me.


Seriously, I was reading…


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Maybe this spell could also help the anon who wants to stop the feelings for his ex:

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