You will need:

  1. A Large, transparent jar
  2. A bunch of glitter (any color you’d like; shapes are a nice touch)
  3. A Teaspoon dried Lavender
  4. A few small chunks of Amethyst (or Moonstone, Citrine, Aventurine)
  5. A Purple candle
  6. Rain water
  7. A few drops of food coloring (your…

inthecold-coldnight asked: Hey, I have been reading into witchcraft and wicca and I am very interested, especially in eclectic wicca since you can choose your own path. I was just wondering if you can tell me anything about starting out/ what books I can read/ what websites to go to. I am only in my teens so I am young but I am not doing this to "rebel". Many thanks!

Hello, inthecold-coldnight,

If you are just starting out, and that is the path you are interested in pursuing, I would recommend checking out any of Scott Cunningham’s books. He has a good selection of reading material that I believe to be very helpful to new, young practitioners such as yourself. His work is a great way of easing into the art of witchcraft, and I think it would give you a solid foundation to start from.

Also, if you are interested in learning more about Wicca, I suggest you take a look at this list of recommended books. All of the recommendations there come with detailed descriptions about the contents of the books and why they are important to read. As well, the Wicca: For the Rest of Us website that the list is hosted on has a lot of other resources that would be helpful to you, so definitely browse through the various sections of the site and do some research! It will be helpful to you as a beginner, and also helpful as you develop your practice.

Hope this helps :)

- Sara


finally got something set up

LESOVIK/LESNIKThe Lesovik is a male woodland spirit in Slavic mythology who protects wild animals and forests. He is roughly analogous to the Woodwose of Western Europe and the Basajaun of the Basque Country. These are forest spirits who are green and lead travellers of their track.He is said to have the ability to shapeshift into any form, animal or plant. When he is in human form, he looks like a common peasant, except that his eyes glow and his shoes are on backwards. In some tales, he appears to visitors as a large talking mushroom or as centaur. He can also vary in size, shrinking himself to the height of a blade of grass when moving through open fields, or growing to the size of the tallest trees when in the forest.If a person befriends a leshy, the latter will teach them the secrets of magic. Farmers and shepherds would make pacts with the leshy to protect their crops and sheep. The leshy has many tricks, including leading peasants astray, making them sick, or tickling them to death. They are also known to hide the axes of woodcutters. If a leshy crosses the path of a person in the woods, the person will get lost immediately. To find the way out, you have to turn your clothes inside out and wear shoes on opposite feetEach forest has its own family with a wife known as Lesovikha and children known as Leshonki. They lead travellers through the forest in the wrong direction until they were thoroughly lost or were stuck in a bog. The spirit would then disappear leaving the traveller in despair. To ward off the troublesome Lesovik it is advised to carry some bread to give as a gift or to wear one’s clothes inside out until one reaches the end of the forest.If more than one lesnik inhabits a forest, they will fight for territorial rights. The evidence is in the fallen trees scattered about and scared animals.

Anonymous asked: Hello! Just wanted to let other witches know that they should get the Gregorian Calendar app on the iPhone! It helps me so much for keeping track of full moon nights! Just wanted to pass this helpful reminder along!

Oh hey thanks!

Anonymous asked: What are the magical properties of dark chocolate?

Hi anon,

I’ve heard of chocolate being used in a number of love and sex spells. Many spell ingredients are used not just for the correspondences but for actual scientifically proven benefits. Dark chocolate is a source of mood-stabilizing compounds as well as antioxidants. So I think dark chocolate would go very well in spells for happiness, self-love or other kinds of love. It can be used as an offering to deities or spirits too. Just keep it away from animals, as theobromine is harmful to dogs as well as cats!

-Renee (gallowsong)





Virginity only matters if you’re lighting the black flame candle to summon witches.

Actually, When people talk about “blood of a virgin”, what’s actually meant is “virgin blood”, aka blood that’s never before been used in a ritual.

Therefore, virginity doesn’t matter for anything.

*noises of comprehension and frustration that I didn’t make that connection before*

The gods do not favor the easy way or those who take it.

— (via natural-magics)

Simple anti anxiety witch bottle (to be carried on your person, maybe as a charm or necklace)
Lavender - Peace/calming
Chamomile - Sleep without interruption from anxious thoughts
Valerian - self acceptance
Vanilla (oil) - strengthen mental abilities, so can stay rational and prevent anxiety from completely overtaking
Amethyst  - calming/comforting
Salt - energy purification
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Anonymous asked: I was wondering if you know any spells for luck (especially those to help in getting a job)? I just sent my resume to someone and would like to give myself a little boost of luck if I can. :) Thank you!

I’ve answered a similar question to this before, so I’m going to link you to that here! Also, here is a link to instructions on how to make a prosperity bottle, which could also help you out in the midst of a job search.

You could also try a simple prosperity/money spell. Light a green candle during a waxing moon and envision yourself getting the job and earning money. You can leave it at that, or go a little further and write some lines you could say aloud as the candle burns—whatever you feel most comfortable doing.

Hope this helps! And I hope everything goes well with your resume. :)

- Sara