Anonymous asked: Do all Witches have some special control, or power? If so, how would you go about discovering it? How can I even be entirely sure that I am a Witch?

Witches are normal everyday people.  Well, sort of.  :)  Their gifts or abilities that they may have have either came naturally or they developed them on their own by practice.  Just like how some people are great a drawing but are horrible at playing soccer.  Some witches may be really great at divination but may be horrible at astral travel.  It’s no different.  Everyone, I would venture to say, has a talent at something and some people who may have a psychic or magickal gift may discover the path of the craft is right for them.  Some people may not have found what they are good at yet but have been pulled toward witchcraft all the same.  

If you want to be a witch then only you can determine what that means for you.  As for discovering what your thing is, it’ll take practice.  Maybe years and years of practice.  Try things out.  See what you like and what works for you and what doesn’t.  We are here to help you with any questions you have.  We have a wonderful archive of recommended books here.  Look around and see what topics seem to interest you the most and start reading!

Good luck!


Anonymous asked: are animal familiars a thing for witches? I've seen a few people talk about it and I was wondering how they found out about theirs

Hi there,

Yes! Not everyone has one. It’s important to make a distinction here: familiars are more than just pets. They are more like equals than like furbabies haha. From my own experience, you can’t seek out and find a familiar. They find you. They just sort of waltz into your life and make themselves at home. Sometimes they are active participants in whatever your religious or magical practices are and sometimes they are an animal you just have a really intense mental connection with.

-Renee (gallowsong)

norserunner999-deactivated20140 asked: My name Is James and today i trie my first spell, just to see if , any of my father was in me he was a norse witch, i used rosmary sea salt black pepper italian seasoning mint green tea put into a box and mixed up put crystas around the mix and a pentagram in the middle and invoke upon the witches to help me, said a prayer of help me to finish becoming a full witch to heal me completely and got down in a kneeling posture centering myself focusing on the elements and being in harmony with nature

Hi James,

I confess I’m not sure what sort of response you would like from us. I’m glad you found something that works for you though. I would like to add for our readers benefit that hereditary witchcraft is generally not espoused anymore because it tends to be very exclusionary and you don’t have to do anything special to “fully” become a witch beyond practicing witchcraft.

-Renee (gallowsong)

Anonymous asked: Do you have a page of FAQ and just general information? Your blog really interests me and I'd love to get to know more about magic and stuff. There are many resources on the internet but i'm not sure which ones actually provide good information.

Hi Anon,

We do have a working FAQ but it needs an update something fierce haha. You can find it here and the links to various tags / masterposts / etc are on the left under the picture! We used to have a book masterpost but I’m not sure what happened to it… nrrrr… I’ll fix that eventually!

-Renee (gallowsong)

Anonymous asked: Is it normal to be able to heal others but not yourself, or not to be able to heal others bc you got to harm them in some way accidentally?

Hi Anon,

I think it varies from witch to witch / healer to healer. I have had success with literally 100% of the healing spells I have performed for my loved ones, and absolutely 0 with myself. Then again, 99% of my ailments stem from a hereditary, incurable disease so I don’t think magic could do much for them anyway. I couldn’t cure myself of a cold if I wanted to. A lot of witches I have met weren’t able to heal themselves. Energy healers function similarly but not exactly the same. There’s a theory that since you are channeling your own energy in the form of magic / healing, it doesn’t work the same on yourself.

As for not being able to heal someone because you harmed them… I’ve never heard of that? But I imagine that situation is kind of rare. If one of the other mods has heard of it, I encourage them to edit into this post.

EDIT: One of our followers sent this tidbit in:

"for the Anon wanting to know about healing themselves I have had better luck healing myself using Sigils the thought behind it is it works by confusing the brain thus getting past any subconscious blocks you might have put on yourself."

-Renee (Gallowsong)

Anonymous asked: Any tips for getting into divination for a traditional witch?

Hi anon,

Well, sure! There are as many methods of divination as there are types of witches, so it really depends on your instincts and what you already lean towards. Trust me, if you are clairvoyantly inclined, the right method of divination will feel very right for you once you find it. However, some people never get the hang of it or never find a method that works for them. Some people just aren’t “programmed” to divine. (For me, I can’t do astral projection. We’ve all got something.)

Here are some methods of divination:

  • Tarot cards
  • Runes (would not suggest unless you are a devotee of a Norse religious path, as I personally find it disrespectful for people who don’t have any relationship with Odin to use the runes)
  • Water scrying (a black-bottomed bowl full of water)
  • Mirror scrying (usually a black mirror)
  • Meditation (some people are able to glean things this way, I sure can’t)
  • Palm reading

There are literally hundreds of methods (wiki link) of divination in existence throughout history and today. When I was first starting out, I just tried a bit of everything here and there until something stuck. I eventually settled into the Norse Recon path, so runes are my schtick. :) Hope this helps!

-Renee (Gallowsong)

Anonymous asked: Any advice to spice things up in the bedroom?

Hi Anon,

That depends. I assume you’re talking about a sexual relationship that you already have that is suffering for some reason. Here at Tumblrcoven, we like to encourage our followers to do the mundane thing first because it often works. I am a firm believer that communication is absolutely key to a healthy sex life. If you and your partner(s?) aren’t talking about what you want out of your relationship, then neither of you have any way of knowing and therefore fulfilling those needs. So, seriously, talk about it. Get graphic. Try not to be critical off the bat (“I really don’t like it when you do ___”), but instead start with things that you DO like and want more of (“I love it when ____” or “it drives me crazy in the best way when you ____”) because the initial positivity of the exchange will help to keep from having feelings hurt. Honestly, do not turn to magic to save your sex life if you are unwilling to have this conversation, because if you are more comfortable having sex than talking about sex, you probably shouldn’t be in this relationship. If you’re afraid of hurting your partner’s feelings, perhaps try to ease into it by complimenting them, going out of your way to initiate and encouraging them when they do something you like. I would also encourage you, if you’re in a romantic relationship with this person and not just sexual, to be sure that the relationship has no underlying issues that may be killing your sex life. If one of you is unhappy with some facet of the actual relationship, that unhappiness will carry into the bedroom.

So, if you hash out all of that and there’s still something lacking, you can turn to magic. I would steer clear of anything terribly manipulative. I have never performed magic to this end so I don’t have any spells for it, but I encourage one of the other moderators to edit one in here if they have anything they wish to share. Some spells you could use would be ones for self-love (for you or for your partner if a lack of confidence is what damages their sex drive), or ones to kindle lust. Kitchen magic is great for this, because it is easy to prepare a meal full of ingredients with correspondences to sex and love. Anything spicy (as long as it isn’t TOO spicy) like medium heat pepper, ginger, garlic etc. works great. You could also use red/pink candles, rose incense/oil, etc. You could make a sachet with herbs and put it under your pillow. There are a lot of possibilities. If your partner is a practitioner of magic, you could get them involved too, but I know even less about actual sex magic than I do about magic to kindle lust! ;)

Hope this helps,
-Renee (gallowsong)

Anonymous asked: what's the difference between being a Wiccan and simply being a witch?

Hi Anon,

Wicca is a closed initiatory religion. Though there are several traditions within and branched off of Wicca, the two main ones— Alexandrian and Gardnerian Wicca— require you to be initiated into an existing coven. Wiccans generally worship a God and a Goddess and have specific rituals for specific things. It tends to have more structure. If you want to get technical, it is also by definition not solitary. Neo-Wicca is very similar but you don’t have to be initiated into an existing coven (meaning you can declare yourself Neo-Wiccan without ever meeting another practitioner). The main distinction for Wicca is that it is inherently religious, and witchcraft is not.

As for being a witch: anyone can be a witch, regardless of religion.

-Renee (gallowsong)

1. If you have experienced these occurrences and you have received what you perceive to be validation that you have certain abilities, then yes, you certainly are something. However, how you choose to identify is really up to you and what you choose to focus on. Based on what you have described, to me it sounds like you have some psychic abilities. You could very well call yourself a psychic. If you practice witchcraft in general as well, you can call yourself a psychic witch. You could come up with a word of your own, honestly.
As I’ve said before, the labels we use are really just there to describe what we do. The doing is the most important part, and words like “witch” or “psychic” or whatever you want to call yourself are all just words at the end of the day. We’re humans, we like to categorize the things we do in order to understand them, of course. Of course, some titles need to be earned if you are going through a specific tradition, or are exclusive to certain closed cultural traditions. Otherwise, what you call yourself is very much dependent on what makes you feel the most comfortable, and what you believe best describes what you do.
2. Not necessarily. True, some people have these sort of hereditary abilities (you said so yourself that your grandmother also has psychic abilities), but it’s not always the case! It’s possible that someone in your bloodline has had similar experiences that you have had, but as I said, it’s not always the case. You could be the first, and that’s cool!
3. In my opinion, you should continue to research this phenomenon and learn what you can, soak up all the information you can find. It’s normal to doubt yourself and your abilities, especially when it’s so new, but you are young and have plenty of time to learn more and to continue developing these abilities. Researching and speaking with people who have had similar experiences is a great way to start. I’m sure there are books on the subject you can find our online communities with others who have experience with the subject.
I hope this is helpful to you. :)
- Sara

Anonymous asked: If english is not my first language could i still use spells etc and say them in english? or find appropriate ones in my own language?

Whatever feels the most natural to you. If you want to recite spells in English, go for it. If you’d rather say them in your native language, that’s perfectly fine as well. Some spells don’t even require you to say anything at all, so what language you chose to speak during a spell is really up to you. :)

Hope this helps!

- Sara

Anonymous asked: I've started out in the realm of witchcraft, and I was wondering whether crystal (or rocks in general) magic was a thing?

Yes, it absolutely is. Many witches use crystals in their practice, whether they incorporate them into spells or simply like to keep stones with certain properties in their homes, in their pockets, etc. There is a lot you can do with them! :)

- Sara

Anonymous asked: I'm sorry if this is a weird question but can men be Wiccan ?

Not weird at all, yes they can!


Anonymous asked: I'm not sure if I want to commit, and I am a little skeptic. I was wondering if there is anything minor and easy that I can try, just to see. Please?

What specifically do you want to commit to or are thinking about committing to?  Witchcraft?  Wicca?  And if you’re hoping to do something and quickly get results, that’s not going to happen.  Working in your path or chosen area of practice takes time and effort to develop.  Take baseball, for instance.  You’re not going to be able to hit a home run right away if you’ve never played before.  It takes a lot of practice and dedication to be able to do that.  Same thing with magick.  I’m assuming we’re talking about magick.  It takes practice, lots of practice and researching and trial and error.

If you want to try something out that’s minor and simple, try meditating.  Start out slow with maybe 5 minutes 2-3 times a week.  Then bump it up to maybe 4-5 times a week until you are able to do it about everyday and then when that becomes easy try 10 minutes instead of 5.

Mastering that will help you a lot with magick if you decide to delve into that and if not, meditating in general is great for your everyday life.

I hope that helps you a bit.


Anonymous asked: I read your answer to that teens question, are there spells to influence somebody? If so, where could I find them.

Yes, they do exist. You can find them by searching for them or creating them yourself. However, I think Katy made it pretty clear in her response to that question that she is not comfortable with magic that interferes with a person’s free will, and I have to agree with her there. Influencing people’s ability to consent and make their own choices gets you into some questionable territory.

I mean, our stances on what’s typically considered the “darker” aspects of magic have been pretty clear thus far—we’re generally not opposed, and when we know the details of a situation we’re happy to assist you. I would just like to caution you about getting involved in something like this. Your ability to consent is important and to have that taken away from you can be extremely violating. If you wish to do that kind of magic, evaluate your reasons for wanting to do so and what you hope to achieve. For instance, if someone is harming you and you want to make them stop, then you should. But if you just want to play puppet master, well, think about how much it would suck to have that done to you unwarranted.

Ultimately, your decisions are your own, but I hope you understand where we are coming from and why we are hesitant in regards to this subject.

- Sara