Witchy Tip of the Day

My crystal quartz in rain.
Crystal quartz is a very magical stone. It is known as the “Master Healer”. It amplifies energy and thought as well as the effect of other crystals. Crystal quartz enhances psychic abilities. It is used particularly in healing, meditation and enhancing the powers of other stones.

White Candle


White is the balanced presence of all colors in synthesis, therefore it gives off a very positive and powerful vibration. White can be a substitute for ANY color if what you want is unavailable at the time, so keep white candles well stocked in case of emergencies.

White traditionally symbolizes purity, truth, sincerity, virtue of all kinds, and the highest spirituality.
- The Magic Candle
by Charmaine Dey


My new magick circle of protection prototype that evokes forth wind Anemois and rivers from hell with extra protection sigils and weird crappy latin lines with fuck off intentions like - I will torment you in death. Romantic isn’t it? Creating enchantment or summoning circles is a such fun process - enjoyment battling on the same level with frustration when I screw something. I’m not perfect. 

All the best


I get a lot of questions like “What is Witchcraft?”, “Is it real?”, “Isn’t it evil?”, “Do you have to be Wiccan to practice it?”, and so on.

I’ve decided to make a Witchcraft 101 section, just to clear up confusion. I hope everyone enjoys <3


What Is Witchcraft?

To put it simply,…

Anonymous asked: Hello, I'm really interested in trying paganism or witchcraft (I need to research, sorry) but having grown up Christian, I'm afraid. I know it's ridiculous, but having it drilled into your head that I'll go to hell if I stray is very heard to break free from. Especially if I decide not to do it later. Do you have any tips or advice?


The best advice I can give is: Education and research are your best friends. Learn all you can. You don’t have to commit unless you want to

There’s no harm in learning~ 


lets talk about Paganism and Witchcraft

Witchcraft 101

To put it simply, Witchcraft is a secular practice of magic (though sometimes magic isn’t always involved). My definition: it’s a non-religious form of low-based magic. 

That’s it~ Witchcraft has a lot of different practices within it, but witchcraft itself is an umbrella term (and as a whole is secular, but can become religious). As a whole, it is independent of religion, beliefs, societal mores, and so on.

It is very individualistic 


What is Paganism?

Paganism is an Umbrella term

To put it simply:Paganism”, or “Pagan”, is a religious umbrella term that is used to denote a wide range of practices or beliefs that

  1. Arenotconsidered Indigenous spiritualities belonging to Indigenous peoples (Native American or African Tribal Spiritualities, etc)
  2. Are notworld religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, etc)
  3. ArenotAbrahamic (Judaism, Islam, Christianity)
  4. Mayor may notincorporate, include, contain, or revolve around the Occult, Mysticism, Estoercism, the practice of Witchcraft, etc.

Members of the above groups may choose to incorporate certain “usually attributed to Paganism” practices and identify as Pagan. However, they are not inherently Pagan and their identification of such is only their choice and it’s their right to make it. If they specifically choose to (or not to) identify as such, that choice should be respected.


pics source: X

To sum it up: Paganism is an umbrella term that covers a lot of different religions

The importance of Paganism being an umbrella term

  1. it unites a lot of smaller religions and beliefs, and helps give them a voice
  2. it creates a bigger sense of community 
  3. though no two pagans will have the same belief, they feel more connected because of the word pagan
  4. It helps expand the knowledge of these beliefs that a one of these smaller religions/beliefs couldn’t do alone

these are just to name a few (very few) reasons why Paganism being an umbrella term is very important.

Now for links and more information:



best of luck! 


Click For More Stories Like This. It’ll make you cry

Anonymous asked: For the honey jar love spell, does it have to be a legit jar of honey or can I fill a mason jar with honey? Xoxo

I think either one of those options would work! If you don’t want an entire jar of honey to go to waste, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with just transferring some into a separate jar if you’d like.

- Sara 

Witchcraft on a Budget - Making your own Runes


Did you know you can make your own Runes?  It’s not that expensive and can be personal just to you. 

Tools you will need: 

  • *Glass gems
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Clear nail-polish
  • Rune symbol sheet (Check online)
  • A bag to hold your runes

(*You may also use flat stones, or wood pieces.)

You can find most of these items at your local dollar store!

The first thing you want to do is to get your Glass gems. They come in all the colors of the rainbow, so pick one you like the most.

Lay them all out in front of you, and choose the amount of glass you’ll need for the runes you’ll be making.

Take your sheet with the symbols, and the sharpie (whatever color you like will do) and carefully draw on the symbols of each one. 

once they are all drawn on, put them aside, and let the ink dry.

After the ink is dry, take your clear nail-polish and lightly cover the top of the glass, to seal the symbols in.

Let the nail polish dry, and place your runes in a bag for safe keeping. 


Make New Candles out of Scrap Wax
I ran out of candles yesterday. But I did have some old candles that couldn’t be lighted anymore, because the candle wick was too short. So I decided to make new candles out of the wax. And here’s a little tutorial for you, if you’d like to try it :). (this is how I do it = it’s not perfect)

What you’ll need: A jar, a string or cord, a small pot, scrap wax, dried herbs (optional)

1. Melt the candle into a liquid. (You could probably do it in the microwave too - if you’d use a glass bowl). Don’t forget to remove the wick.

2. Dip the string in the liquid - this will make a new wick. (if you already have one you don’t need this) 

3. Put the wick in your jar

4. If you want to add herbs, now is the time. Put them in your melted wax, stir it, and pour a little bit of the wax in the jar.

5. Attach the wick to a wooden stick - this should keep the wick in the middle of the jar. (the white thing is modelling clay). Wait until the wax is completely cool.

6. Add the rest of the wax, and wait until it’s cool.

7. Remove the wooden stick, and the excess wick, and tadaa, you’re done! :)

Kitchen Altar (via pinterest; originally from witchywords)