Anonymous asked: Are there any new moon summoning spells? I met someone on the astral plane I would like to contact in the physical world

Hi anon,

This has been sitting in our inbox for some time, which tells me that none of us are wholly comfortable with answering it. My knee jerk reaction to reading this question was, “bad idea!” And here’s why: the nature of the astral is such that you can never be one hundred percent sure who or what you are in contact with. The astral is full of interesting things and people and stuff that falls into the category “other” but not all of those are nice. I personally never trust anything or anyone I meet in the astral because you have NOOO idea what you are really dealing with. It’s like the Internet; you can become anyone else and nobody is the wiser. “Summoning” something or someone you met there is asking for trouble in my opinion. I’m not really willing to give you the tools to get yourself hurt.

-Renee (gallowsong)

Anonymous asked: Hello to you wonderful people. You all are so kind for taking all the questions you do and I wanted to personally thank you for your efforts. The question I have has likely been asked before, and so perhaps a link to a previous answer would work. I have one parent I have never lived with and see rarely. They do me no physcial harm, but emotionally reek havock on my heart. Is there a protective spell I can cast on myself that would a) do no harm, and b) not banish or break the relation of family?

Hi anon,

Short answer… No. If this is someone you still have to see now and then and you have a lot of emotional baggage attached to them or they are hurtful when you do see them, there’s really nothing you can do magically. What you need to do is come to terms with why they wreak such havoc on your emotions. Face the issues and work through them. Easier said than done, I know, but if their mere presence is what hurts you and they aren’t actually being hurtful in their behavior, the problem is coming from within. Magically the answers fall to binding or banishing or self healing. Mundanely, the answer falls to you to stop giving them so much power over your emotions. Also, if they really are such a negative influence in your life, maybe it is time to wash your hands of them. You can’t choose your family, but you can choose who you keep in your life. I had a beloved aunt who literally started to act like I wasn’t in the room once I “came out of the broom closet” and completely ignored me for the rest of her life. Being around her was hurtful for awhile but I had to realize that she had made a choice and now it was my turn to do the same. I have also cut my grandmother out of my life after years of tolerating passive aggressive cruelty from her. You don’t have to keep toxic influences in your life just because they are blood relations. Sometimes you can repair the relationship, and sometimes you have to mourn them like a death and move on without them. It’s up to you to take ownership of your feelings.

-Renee (gallowsong)

Anonymous asked: I'm trying to learn more about runes and was wondering if you could point me towards some good ones for protection? In general or otherwise Your help is appreciated, love your blog btw

Hi Anon,

Are you talking about “witch runes” or Norse runes? Perhaps one of the other moderators can instruct you further when it comes to witch runes (I’m not sure how commonly these are used anymore and a google search turns up some cursory information at best). I personally find it disrespectful for those who are not religiously inclined in the Norse path to use Norse runes in their work. I know I am not the only rune reader who feels this way (despite the fact that I call Odin my patron and very few others do). It is just really not okay to cherry pick Norse runes and use them in your magic for funsies. That said, we have several great sources on our sister blog Children of Yggdrasil and here is the link to the list of books; if you scroll down there is a section on runes, galdr and seidr.

-Renee (gallowsong)


Natural History
A golden type of quartz found in Brazil, Russia, Madagascar, Britain and France.
Watch out for heat treated amethyst or smoky quartz posing as citrine.
History and Folklore
Said to hold pure sunlight and never absorb any negativity.
Angel: Raphael; Gods/Goddesses: Mercury; Chakra: solar-plexus; Element:air; Astrological Sign: Gemini; Planet: Mercury; Sabbat: Lughnassadh orLammas.
Will raise vibrational level in a room and will dispel ghosts and negative energies. Transmutes negative energy into positive. Can help to cleanse other crystals.
Healing and Magickal Uses
Body: Reduces toxicity. Relieves back pain and allergies.
Mind: Relieves depression and anxiety.
Magick: Good for prosperity magick. Protects against negative people. Aids intuition.
Care and Cleansing
Sunlight will fade it. However, recharge on Litha by leaving your citrine in a place where it can greet the dawn. Otherwise, leave under a holly or ivy plant in the shade.
Photo by: bekkathyst

Anonymous asked: Hello! Do you know of any spells or other any other magic that would be good for a beginner? Thanks

Hello, anon!

Generally speaking, any spell you come across that is simple in its instructions and accomplishes a simple task is good for beginners. It’s important for newcomers to the craft to take their time and ease themselves into the bigger stuff, as I’m sure you are aware. Personally, I believe that simple blessings, healing spells, spells to find lost objects, protection spells, etc. are good areas of magic for beginners to start.

It’s hard for me to know exactly what kind of spells to suggest to you when I’m not really sure what kind of spell you are looking for, though! If you have something specific in mind, write back and I can point you in the right direction.

- Sara

pinkwereleopardfrommars asked: Hi! I was just wondering if there are any Muslim or Caucasian (i.e. Armenian/Georgian/Kurdish/etc) witches bloggers I could follow? Or Caucasian pagans even! I'd love to delve deeper into my own heritage but it seems there's not a lot of us out there! Best wishes =)

Hello there! Thanks for writing in. This is actually a great ask to come across, because my own personal practice of witchcraft has some roots in Islam :) Though my heritage is Eastern European/Balkan, not Caucasian. Even so, if you would ever like to get in touch, I’m available to chat, so just let me know.

However, I’m sorry to say that I don’t know of any other blogs like that off the top of my head. That said, if any of our followers know of any bloggers like this, or are Muslim witches themselves, please let us know!

Thanks again for your question.

- Sara

Herb of the Week: Hawthorn



Common names

English Hawthorn
May Blossom
May Tree

The herb called the hawthorn is one of the best herbal remedy to boost the performance of the heart and the human circulatory system in general. A potent vasodilatory action can be induced in the human body by the flowers, leaves and the berries of the hawthorn. When these parts of the herb are consumed, they open up the arteries to promote circulation and improve the blood supply to all the general tissues in the body. Regular supplementation with this herb can thus help bring some balance blood pressure and it is considered to be an excellent remedy for the treatment of high blood pressure - especially when the condition is connected to hardening in the arteries of the person. Problems such as those connected to poor circulation caused by aging arteries, problems of poor circulation towards the lower body and legs as well as problems like poor memory and confusion induced by a poor blood circulation to the brain can all be remedied by supplementation with the hawthorn herb. The herb also has an effective and remedial effect in angina cases, the hawthorn based remedies can help open the coronary arteries in the heart and by so doing aid in the improvement of blood flow to the heart, and this herb also softens deposits in the arterial system. The vagus nerve which influences the cardiac muscles is also beneficially affected by the hawthorn herbal remedies, the consumption of this herb can thus slow down irregularities in the heart and reduce a rapid or fast heart rate in a patient. It can be said that herbal remedies made from the hawthorn are ideal for most heart conditions affecting people.

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Anonymous asked: Hey! Ok so I am new to all of this. So please excuse me if I sound nooby. If i was going to do like a ritual or something, can I use any candle that is laying around the house (ex. scented candles or candles in a glass case) and still get a normal result or does it have to be a specific candle?


You certainly could use any candle, if you felt that it corresponded well with the intentions of your spell. Specific candles that are in different colors, sizes, scents, etc. are mostly useful if you are looking for a very specific result, but many spells often allow for a simple white candle to be used in place of any candle you might need. If you are interested in using a candle for a spell, I do recommend looking up the properties of the candle (such as the one I mentioned before) to see if it would be appropriate to use in your spell.

Hope this helps!

- Sara

Anonymous asked: Ive read online that using matches in rituals using candles are bad because the phosphorous or sulphur will attract demons/ negative forces if used to light the candle. I have no lighters at home and want to do an uncrossing or healing ritual (my first time doing a ritual but it wont be proper because I dont have everything for the ritual) and I dont want to do any evil magic, please help clear this up :)

Hi anon,

I’ve never heard that. I always use matches. Have used them for ages. No demons or astral nasties so far! I think if you were INTENDING to summon something like that then sulfur would probably help but magic is all about the intention.

-Renee (gallowsong)

Anonymous asked: My husband is very sensitive to mirrors. I'm naturally very comfortable around them and have never had problems, but for him, they draw bad things. Any tips for sealing them?



Sigils. Any kind of binding spell on the mirror. Sometimes general warding is effective. pomegranateandivy knows a fair amount of binding spells.

Rosemary washes on your mirrors, setting a protective or cleansing stone in front of the mirror (I like clear quartz to absorb any energy), or breathing on the mirror then drawing binding sigils in the fog are all effective ways of warding against anything negative in the mirrors.

skinlikesnowflakes asked: How does crochet magic work? I crochet and would love to use it in my practice!


It’s kind of like knot-magic. Though, I don’t have the focus or patience to focus with EVERY stitch. But I focus on intent while I crochet an item, whether it’s a doily for my altar, or a poppet to stuff, or a spell pouch. There may be others who have a different process of using crochet in magic, but that’s how I do it! It is something I would like to experiment with more.

Anonymous asked: Are there any forms of witchcraft or paganism related to working in graveyards?


Yes, ancestor veneration/worship, death witchcraft, and spirit work can be related to working in graveyards. Followers of Death/Chthonic deities regardless of pantheon may also work with graveyards. 


Anonymous asked: How many colors of salt are there and what are they used for?


I’ve only ever heard of black (protection/curses/repelling) and pink (love/calming) witches salts being traditionally used. here’s a blend for green salt (luck/prosperity), though, which suggests either ground up green herbs or food coloring. there are plenty of salt blends out there, usually mixed with herbs. there are some nice salt blends on my kitchen witchcraft blog (click).

Anonymous asked: This is probably a dumb question but wouldn't winter & water and earth & autumn make more sense?

Haha you would think, huh? If you take it out of context it makes perfect sense. The problem is we’re not corresponding season with element. We’re doing the correspondences for the cardinal directions. So, in this particular case earth =/= autumn and air =/= winter.