redotina asked: can u talking about wicca?

What about wicca would you like us to address?

- Katy

Anonymous asked: sorry if this is silly, but is there such a thing as blood magic? and, if there is, is it dangerous?

Blood magic is simply any magic your perform that incorporates blood as an offering or magical ingredient. As such, it’s not inherently dangerous, and like any other ingredient it really depends on how you use it. Menstrual blood is commonly used among those of us who, well, menstruate, and you will also hear of people using animal blood, or blood simply collected by pricking a finger. Most commonly, blood is added to spells that you want to work hard and fast, like protection spells, bindings, curses, hexes, and so on. Many witches have found that blood gives your spells or any magical workings an extra boost, making them more effective. 

Because of that, I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily magically dangerous, but if you plan to incorporate blood into your craft I would just advise you to be careful and take necessary precautions. Be prepared to see the results you want and maybe even then some. The results are very real and strong. When using your own blood, you can sometimes even bind yourself to the target of your magic (whether it’s a person, deity, or the goal of your spell) without actually meaning to. Again, not exactly dangerous, but could provide results you didn’t expect if you weren’t careful.

Here is some more information for you, including personal accounts from others who have used blood in their magic, that you may find useful.

Blood, Power, and Magick
B is for Blood

If anyone reading this is interested in using blood magic, please do not attempt to injure yourself or someone else to collect blood. I really want to add this disclaimer because I don’t want to encourage anyone to do anything stupid with their own bodies or someone else’s. Make sure you are being sanitary and don’t do anything to give yourself an infection or simply just make a mess. The real danger in blood magic lies in the fact that some people just don’t know how to handle blood. Don’t use a dirty safety pin, don’t give yourself a gaping wound, don’t hurt someone else and use their blood without consent. Put a bandaid on if you prick yourself and some antibiotic cream. Just be smart, okay? Great.

Hope this is helpful!

- Sara

Anonymous asked: Hello! I saw the last ask about the Storm witch and now I'm curious about other kinds of elemental witches. Can you recommend some elemental witches to see if I feel better with an specific element, please? (and congratulations for the nice blog)



If you can think of an element, there’s probably witchery of some sort or other associated with it.

The most common that I’ve encountered are your standard four:

  • Earth (Green, Garden, Stone, Wildcraft, living things)
  • Water (Sea, Tides, River, Swamp, Lunar, etc.)
  • Fire (Hearthcraft, Solar, heavy use of candles and burning things)
  • Wind (Storm, which is also kind of water, Weather)

Keep in mind these are broad generalizations and by no means comprehensive, and having an affinity to one element does not mean you can’t work with or feel drawn to any other.

Personal example: I feel most strongly drawn to Earth-type witchcraft, involving herbs and physical contact with the dirt. But I’m also strongly drawn to lunar cycles, thunderstorms, and I make heavy use of candles in my practice. So while I might have a base in one element, I also have bits and pieces of others.

It varies from practitioner to practitioner. Some don’t use elemental magic at all, some rely on it very heavily, others just dabble when they feel it’s appropriate or useful to what they’re trying to accomplish.

Try and few things, see what feels right and works best for you. Keep in mind that as you change, your practice changes with you. What feels and works right today might not feel or work right a year from now. Be open to new ideas!

Hi hello, fire and storm witch here =3

Anonymous asked: I've seen lots of posts about sea witchcraft. I wanted to ask you guys if there are also other types of witchcraft which are based on elements? (I assume that sea witchcraft is based on the element of water, so as en e.g.- is there air witchcraft?)

Hi Anon,

Sea witchcraft is different from just elements used in magic. Sea witchcraft is an entire practice of witchcraft that centers around an ocean or sea. It isn’t like simply using water or shells in your magic. I, however, am landlocked and therefore not a practitioner, so maybe one of our followers knows more. I know there are great sea witch bloggers out there but aside from this blog, I stay way the hell out of the tumblr pagan / witch community because of the drama. :)

That being said, I have never heard of whole practices based upon air. However, I am sure that forest witchcraft is a thing (if only I were close enough to a forest to practice it, I would!). When I think of fire-based witchcraft I automatically think of Vesta and her followers, but other than that the only thing that comes to mind is hearth witchcraft (which also centers around the home and dabbles in kitchen witchcraft).

Short answer: I haven’t heard of specific element-based traditions of witchcraft, but that’s the great thing about it. You can do whatever the hell you want to, whether or not other people do it too. Make it a thing!

-Renee (gallowsong)

Anonymous asked: Hey :) I was wondering if you can also use a normal pack of cards for divination.. (I have been doing it) And if you have ever heard of somebody else doing it.. And how could I become even better at divination? :) sorry for disturbing, cheers, x

You aren’t disturbing us at all! All of us here enjoy sharing our perspectives and helping out when we can.

You definitely can use a normal pack of cards for divination—I do this myself from time to time, as do many others. This practice is actually called cartomancy. If you would like to improve your divination skills, I suggest doing some research and looking for some resources now that you know the name of this divination method, and just keep practicing! 

With any area of magic, just like with any area of life in general, the best way to improve your skills is to keep practicing and absorb knowledge. Hope this is helpful!

- Sara


I’m going to politely debate the idea of curses being used for good. Please understand that this is my opinion, just like you have an opinion.

You say curses are not inheritly evil. That consequences for doing them are not necessarily bad… But what do we call someone who…

A very good point and a great perspective that should be, at the very least, considered. Thanks natural-magics!




  • Sea Witch by Wendy Joubert
  • Sea Witch Magick by Theresa Helton


There is no power hierarchy of herbs in hoodoo. It doesn’t matter if you harvested your rosemary during Mars hour on a Tuesday. It does not matter if you buy your herbs in the store or grow them. It does not matter if you wild craft your herbs. These concepts are ones found in European herbal magic, and do not transfer over into hoodoo. Herbs are perfect as they grow from the ground, created by God to be of use. 

maddieatsbrains asked: Hello, I have an.. Odd question. It might be a little weird and might have nothing to do with witchcraft at all. But is it normal to be able to connect with every animal you meet instantly? It doesn't even have to happen by touch, I can be near an animal and sort of see through their eyes. The longer I'm around, the more I connect with them. Is it bad? I'm afraid to try as strengthen the ability because I would like it too much. :x

Dude, if I had that ability I would be using the shit out of it! And why not if you enjoy using it and connecting with animals?

It’s not a fairly common ability, but I’m sure there are others that are able to connect with animals on that level. I’m an empath, and occasionally if an animal is distressed enough I pick up on it. I wish I could connect with animals on a more intimate level like that, instead of just picking up on their pain and stress when it’s bad enough.

Ultimately, it’s your choice whether or not you want to explore it with any great depth. However, if it’s something that you enjoy and doesn’t harm either of you…I really don’t see why you shouldnt or couldnt.


Anonymous asked: How may I join this coven? Andddd if you have kik, contact me at hipsstirrr_827

Hi anon,

We aren’t an actual “coven,” all the moderators live in different places and I think we all have fairly different magical and religious practices. We are just a group of people trying to provide information to the community via tumblr. We encourage you to follow us if you’re interested in learning more.

-Renee (gallowsong)

Anonymous asked: Do all Witches have some special control, or power? If so, how would you go about discovering it? How can I even be entirely sure that I am a Witch?

Witches are normal everyday people.  Well, sort of.  :)  Their gifts or abilities that they may have have either came naturally or they developed them on their own by practice.  Just like how some people are great a drawing but are horrible at playing soccer.  Some witches may be really great at divination but may be horrible at astral travel.  It’s no different.  Everyone, I would venture to say, has a talent at something and some people who may have a psychic or magickal gift may discover the path of the craft is right for them.  Some people may not have found what they are good at yet but have been pulled toward witchcraft all the same.  

If you want to be a witch then only you can determine what that means for you.  As for discovering what your thing is, it’ll take practice.  Maybe years and years of practice.  Try things out.  See what you like and what works for you and what doesn’t.  We are here to help you with any questions you have.  We have a wonderful archive of recommended books here.  Look around and see what topics seem to interest you the most and start reading!

Good luck!


Anonymous asked: are animal familiars a thing for witches? I've seen a few people talk about it and I was wondering how they found out about theirs

Hi there,

Yes! Not everyone has one. It’s important to make a distinction here: familiars are more than just pets. They are more like equals than like furbabies haha. From my own experience, you can’t seek out and find a familiar. They find you. They just sort of waltz into your life and make themselves at home. Sometimes they are active participants in whatever your religious or magical practices are and sometimes they are an animal you just have a really intense mental connection with.

-Renee (gallowsong)

norserunner999-deactivated20140 asked: My name Is James and today i trie my first spell, just to see if , any of my father was in me he was a norse witch, i used rosmary sea salt black pepper italian seasoning mint green tea put into a box and mixed up put crystas around the mix and a pentagram in the middle and invoke upon the witches to help me, said a prayer of help me to finish becoming a full witch to heal me completely and got down in a kneeling posture centering myself focusing on the elements and being in harmony with nature

Hi James,

I confess I’m not sure what sort of response you would like from us. I’m glad you found something that works for you though. I would like to add for our readers benefit that hereditary witchcraft is generally not espoused anymore because it tends to be very exclusionary and you don’t have to do anything special to “fully” become a witch beyond practicing witchcraft.

-Renee (gallowsong)

Anonymous asked: Do you have a page of FAQ and just general information? Your blog really interests me and I'd love to get to know more about magic and stuff. There are many resources on the internet but i'm not sure which ones actually provide good information.

Hi Anon,

We do have a working FAQ but it needs an update something fierce haha. You can find it here and the links to various tags / masterposts / etc are on the left under the picture! We used to have a book masterpost but I’m not sure what happened to it… nrrrr… I’ll fix that eventually!

-Renee (gallowsong)

Anonymous asked: Is it normal to be able to heal others but not yourself, or not to be able to heal others bc you got to harm them in some way accidentally?

Hi Anon,

I think it varies from witch to witch / healer to healer. I have had success with literally 100% of the healing spells I have performed for my loved ones, and absolutely 0 with myself. Then again, 99% of my ailments stem from a hereditary, incurable disease so I don’t think magic could do much for them anyway. I couldn’t cure myself of a cold if I wanted to. A lot of witches I have met weren’t able to heal themselves. Energy healers function similarly but not exactly the same. There’s a theory that since you are channeling your own energy in the form of magic / healing, it doesn’t work the same on yourself.

As for not being able to heal someone because you harmed them… I’ve never heard of that? But I imagine that situation is kind of rare. If one of the other mods has heard of it, I encourage them to edit into this post.

EDIT: One of our followers sent this tidbit in:

"for the Anon wanting to know about healing themselves I have had better luck healing myself using Sigils the thought behind it is it works by confusing the brain thus getting past any subconscious blocks you might have put on yourself."

-Renee (Gallowsong)