my Altar decoration for Beltane.


A list of all herbs and spices associated with money magic. Common/easily attainable ingredients’ names italicized.

Alfalfa- Spiritual- Prosperity, Anti-hunger, Money. Brings in money and protects against financial misfortune. Medicinal- Alfalfa builds up for a healthy and vigorous old…


Witch tip:

if you aren’t good at sewing or don’t have all the supplies for poppet making. Just draw a figure on a piece of paper and charge that.if a spell calls for herbs or something else to go inside,just place them on the middle of the drawn figure.

Another alternative to making a poppet is just draw a figure on a tea bag.this way you can still stuff it if you like,just carefully take out the staple. this also allows you to boil them for curses without them falling apart.


offerings for Hestia — red wine, honey calcite, myrrh incense, and a daisy. she was previously one of my patron goddesses, but I’ve felt disconnected from her. I’m trying to strengthen the connection/relationship starting today, I hope she senses my sentiment.
Hestia is the virgin goddess of the hearth (both private and municipal) and the home. As the goddess of the family hearth, she also presided over the cooking of bread and the preparation of the family meal. Hestia was also the goddess of the sacrificial flame and received a share of every sacrifice to the gods. The cooking of the communal feast of sacrificial meat was naturally a part of her domain.
In myth, Hestia was the first born child of Kronos and Rhea, and was swallowed by her father at birth. Zeus later forced the old Titan to disgorge Hestia and her siblings. As the first to be swallowed, she was also the last to be disgorged, and so was named as both the eldest and youngest of the six Kronides. When the gods Apollon and Poseidon sought for her hand in marriage, Hestia refused and asked Zeus to let her remain an eternal virgin. He agreed and she took her place at his royal hearth. [x]

heart-to-focus asked: hi i was in your spell section I was interested in a spell to celebrate the full moon, but couldn't find one. Was wondering what your suggestions might be? Hope you're having an amazing night!


Full Moon Release Ritual

Note: this can be performed alone or with other people.


  • floating candles
  • a large bowl or cauldron
  • pure water
  • matches
  • a tool to carve the candles (toothpick)
  • a table or other sturdy platform

Set up a sacred space with candles, smoke cleansing and setting up altar(s) with items, flowers and symbols associated with the moon. You may want to make the bowl or cauldron of water the center point.

If possible, stand or sit under the Moon. Allow yourself to feel its gentle energy over your body and enjoy the night air. Breath deeply and relax, perhaps do a grounding exercise, to help you focus and to enter the right mindset. Feel the earth under your feet and shake out the tension in the body.

Place the large water-filled bowl in front of you, or in the middle of your gathering on a table. Each person should carve whatever they intent to release/let go of into the floating candle. It’s not important that it shows clear/legible, just that the intention is there.

As you place the candle into the bowl, declare what you’re releasing, then light the candle.


Allow yourself to feel the transfer of what you’re releasing to the candle. As a group, focus on letting go into the water, holding hands. if that feels right.

Now is a good time to celebrate the realize of burdens and negative energy by sharing a feast under the full Moon!

Allow the candle to keep burning in the bowl as a symbol of the letting go process. The flame is a purifier, and symbolizes the sparks of inspiration as well. If you blow out your floating candle, and your bowl is in your home, relighting it will remind you of your commitment. It’s a good idea to pour the water out after a little while, before repeating the process.

Adapted from [Source]


Amber, Turquoise, Imperial Topaz, Red Coral, Fire Opal, Moonstone, Opal, all Calcites including Blue Calcite, Green Calcite, Orange Calcite, Angelite, Azurite, Kyanite and Kunzite or any raw or rough stone.

Any stone with hardness under 7 should not be cleaned in salt water….

Astral Aid & Protection Charm


by gardenofthequeen:image

I have my own personal blend for astral aid and protection. A bag filled with crushed Lilac, crushed mugwort, the ashes of garlic peels, and an obsidian stone. 

Place it under (or above) your bed. You will spit into the bag and anoint it with vegetable oil.

“Aid and guide,

protect from harm.

Aid and guide,

protect from harm”



Thistle Sigil for protection, good luck and hex breaking.
Drawing in the good and p out the bad with prickly haste. 
X marks the target if you have one. 
it’s free to use! I’m going to try and embroider this on some things. 

Love this for so many reasons

Anonymous asked: Hello I am having a problem with a plant I recently moved out of its pot and I don't think it's happy its there a simple spell I can do to make it happy?

Hmm, sounds to me like that could be transplant shock, haha. It’s a pretty common problem that occurs when transferring plants into different pots. You can read more about that here: Avoiding and Fixing Transplant Shock in Plants.

As we’ve said time and time again, magic is not a replacement for mundane solutions. I would also suggest researching this plant and seeing how to care for it properly. However, magic can be used to give your mundane solutions a little push. Talking to your plants and showing them affection, as weird as it may seem, is a good start. And here is a spell for Healthy Plant Growth that will also help you in your future gardening pursuits.

- Sara

Anonymous asked: I've been screwed over by people recently, and I need some help getting past it. I don't want to use magic to manipulate/get revenge, but I'd like to use it to heal myself. Any suggestions?

For me, letting go of all the people who have done me wrong or who no longer represent a positive relationship reminds me of a snake shedding its skin or standing under flowing water washing away the dirt.
I start a shower, as hot as I can stand (the heat is a representation of the cleansing power of fire), light some sage in a fire resistant bowl, and get in. I imagine all the people and the negativity as dirt and mud covering my skin and the water washing it all away.
It takes a few times, but even the first time leaves me feeling lighter and more refreshed.

Anyone else have any suggestions?


Anonymous asked: Hi! A friend of the family recently moved into a house that may have a poltergeist. It's scaring the kids and parents. Any suggestions I could pass on to them?

Hello there, Anon,

My suggestion to your family friends would be to perform a smoke cleansing of the house, using herbs such as sage, pine, rosemary, sweetgrass, or lavender. This is the go-to method for most people who want to purify a space. 

Another thing your friends can do is thoroughly clean the house to get rid of any leftover icky energy or unwanted spiritual guests. The following post has a lot of information regarding magical house cleaning:

Hope I was able to point you in the right direction! If you have any more questions, you know where to find us.

- Sara


Create banishing stones:

Many people and energies pass through your home, create and use these stones to help banish and keep away evils from passing through your doorstep.

Items needed:

Flat stones, enough to place one on each side of your doors where people enter from the outside.


Anonymous asked: do you know anything about the use of hair in rituals?

Hi there,

The most common use of hair is in poppets or other manipulative magic. A lot of times people will obtain hair / fingernail clippings / a toothbrush / something else with a target’s genetic material for use in curses or love spells— that’s the one you hear the most about anyway. You can technically use someone’s hair for a spell for them to give them luck, health, wealth, something of that nature. Anyone’s genetic material being used in a spell is basically a honing device for your magic, a super-specific way of pinpointing the person you want the spell to target.

Hope that answers your question,

Renee (gallowsong)