itchybitchywitchy asked: Hi! I'm a secular eclectic witch and I'm very interested in hedge witchcraft. I want to learn to astral travel and communicate with spirits. However, I have severe anxiety. I'm scared of the dark because I am terrified of evil entities. I think I was attacked/possessed etc. in a past life. I know in my heart that there are less evil spirits than there are wanderers and I want to meet some kind souls to protect me and I want to face my fear. Advice and resources? Thank you! Blessed be Lexi

I’m going to be honest with you and warn you up front, astral travel and trance work can be a pretty demanding experience and it is absolutely important that you take proper precautions before attempting to do it as well as after you exit a trance state. It’s also not something you should ever attempt without doing your research and making sure you begin by taking baby steps. Don’t jump into this unprepared, especially if you deal with anxiety and fear in mundane situations. I strongly advise you continue to work on managing your anxiety symptoms before you ever attempt to enter the astral plane. There is no guarantee that you will encounter a friendly spirit who will protect you.

I don’t say this to discourage you from learning more about the practice, I just want to caution you and make sure you view this realistically and practically, and I would love to point you to some good resources. First of all, browse through the hedge witchcraft tag on Tumblr and see what you can find. There are many witches here that post a lot of information on hedge witchcraft and can even give you sound advice. Tumblr user thiscrookedcrown has some great information on her blog and also over at her personal website that I recommend you read. Here are two articles regarding astral travel and trance that I found to be very helpful and informative:

Here is another informative blog post and comprehensive list of resources from Sarah Ann Lawless.

I definitely recommend finding some books on astral travel and hedge witchcraft to learn as much as you can about the subjects. One thing that we really like to emphasize here at TC is gaining as much knowledge as possible before attempting something new. Ease yourself into these practices by taking your time and making sure you know as much as possible and are prepared.

Finally, another important thing to remember is that there is a lot more to hedge witchcraft than simply crossing the hedge! I encourage you to explore all that hedge witchcraft has to offer. Again, I don’t say this to discourage you. On the contrary, I am just trying to encourage you to study this topic as much as possible.

I hope this information is helpful to you, thanks very much for your question.

- Sara

toughercookie asked: Being new to wicca, do you have any simple spells that could help give me the strength to break up with my emotionally abusive bf?

First of all, good for you! I’ve been in a similar situation, only my ex was physically abusive as well as emotionally abusive. It takes an enormous amount of maturity and strength to leave a situation like that. Uber kudos.

Secondly, a simple spell would be to just write on a piece of paper exactly what you want to have happen. Your intent, positive outcomes, leaving the negative behind, and if you want — a shame on him/her. Then burn it in a fire safe place while focusing on the very things you just wrote down.

One piece of advice, do it in a semi-public place. One where you have some privacy but there are enough people around to prevent them from causing a scene. Also, don’t ride together. Make sure you’re able to leave of your own power, and I would definitely suggest asking a friend or parent to go along and have them waiting nearby. Mainly for emotional support, but also available to step in if things don’t go as planned. If there isn’t anyone available to go with you, please please please make sure SOMEONE knows where you’re going, why, with whom, when, and when to expect you home. Be safe, be smart. Don’t assume that they won’t hurt you. Abusers (it doesn’t matter if it’s physical or not) are all about power and control, and once you take that away from them they will lash out.
Good luck dear.



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itchybitchywitchy asked: Are there any spells that marijuana can be used in? Or perhaps, would it be effective if I anoint it or bless it before I smoke it? Thanks

Ah, did you send this in twice? Just answered this question to an anon! Hope the answer is helpful. :)

- Sara

Anonymous asked: All of you are crazy none of this is real please help yourselves by going to a mental institution.

Wow! Aren’t you insightful.

I feel so very sorry for you that you have so much negativity pent up within you that you found it necessary to take it out on us, a community that has done nothing wrong but do its best to help others.

Also, way to put down and shame people with mental illness, which is a very serious issue and not something to be made light of.

Have a truly wonderful and magical day.


- Sara

Anonymous asked: Can marijuana be used in spells? Or can it be consecrated before I smoke it?

The hemp plant as a whole has magical properties that can be used in magical workings. It is commonly associated with love, healing, protection, meditation, and psychic awareness. It is also said that hemp can be used to clear out negative energy or entities and bring about positive energy.

Given the fact that its very properties are as such, I don’t think you necessarily need to consecrate it before smoking. If you have specific intentions in mind, you can focus on those, and dedicate the act of smoking to those intentions.

Disclaimer: considering the legality issues surrounding marijuana in many places, I just want to make it clear that we, Tumblr Coven, do not advise you or anyone else to do anything that could get you into trouble with the law. Be smart and be safe.

- Sara

Anonymous asked: I use moon water and rain water a lot in my practices, but if I'm honest I don't know what the difference is between the two in terms of magickal properties. Could you please shed some light?

Rainwater is great for purification, therefore you can use it in healing spells, blessings, banishing spells, etc. It can also be added to love spells and/or rituals, especially concerning new love or attracting a new partner. Additionally, rainwater can be used to cleanse and charge crystals, though it is still recommended to charge them with sunlight and on a full moon as well. Rainwater is also good for cleaning magical tools or ritual clothing. Rainwater collected during a storm is a strong addition to any spell to make it more effective, but especially great for protection

Moon water, on the other hand, is charged with the properties of the moon, and those properties can change depending which moon phase the water is charged during. The most commonly used moon water is full moon water, as it is believed to be the most effective. Full moon water is associated with wisdom, clarity, and perception, which makes it a great addition to methods of divination or magical work involving psychic abilities. You can even use a bowl of full moon water for scrying. Full moon water can also be used to increase creativity and positive energy. 

Like rainwater, full moon moon water can also be used for purification, making it great for blessings, banishing spells, purifying ritual space, and so on. It is also often used for cleaning magical tools and ritual clothing, as well as cleansing crystals. Many witches use full moon water to anoint themselves before working their magic. If you view the moon as a representation of goddess energy, full moon water can serve as a representation for goddess energy, too.

Hope this answers your question!

- Sara

squidneyinwonderland asked: I don't study Wicca, but I've always been fascinated by it. Do you have any suggestions if I wanted to start studying/practicing?

I’ve answered very similar questions to yours not that long ago, so I hope you don’t mind if I link you to those: here and here

Please let us know if you have any more questions. We’re always eager to help beginners as they begin their paths.

- Sara


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Anonymous asked: I'm sort of new to wicca. A lot of offerings I see people suggest are things like milk and honey. I'm vegan so I don't use these things. Could I use substitutes like apple honey and soy milk?

I’m a vegan as well, so I understand where you are coming from here! Generally speaking, you could, yes. However, I would be cautious when making offerings to specific deities whose preferred offerings are dairy milk and/or honey. Like people, deities have preferences, so they might not be so satisfied with a substitute if those are their offerings of choice. On the other hand, they may actually not be opposed at all. It would really depend on which deity you are intending to make an offering to. I would do some research on the deities themselves and what offerings they like, and also seek out other people who work closely with those deities and ask them their opinions.

If you aren’t making offerings to specific deities and instead conform to the soft polytheist, God and Goddess archetype worldview, I don’t think that substitutions would be an issue. Another thing to keep in mind is that when it comes to offerings, you don’t necessarily have to use milk or honey at all, and therefore don’t have to worry about substituting. In my experience, I have found homemade fruity vegan pastries and wine to be perfectly acceptable as general offerings. One thing I’ve noticed for sure is that most deities are quite partial to alcohol.

Hope this helps!

- Sara

Regarding Asks

Over the last 24 hours we’ve gotten quite a lot of asks, so I just wanted to make a brief post to let you know that we will be answering them as soon as possible. Please be patient with us and don’t worry, you are not being ignored or anything of the sort.


- Sara

Anonymous asked: Do you know of any books that are basically a list of crystals/herbs and their healing properties? Or perhaps any blogs? It's frustrating having to google everything individually, ha! Blessed be

Here are some resources for you. Hope this helps, Anon. :)

- Sara

Anonymous asked: I'm an atheist witch and don't worship any deities, but I am a firm believer and energy and the vibration that everything on this beautiful earth carries. For my altar I use symbols that represent the sun and the moon, which i believe to be the 'parents' of all energy, sun of masculine energy and moon for feminine. Just wanted to share because from reading your blog (which is absolutely brilliant and helpful even to a much experienced witch as I!) I noticed some people asking about deities. ❤️

Thank you for your input, Anon! It’s always nice to hear from our followers like this. You have an interesting viewpoint and I’m glad you were willing to share it with us and the other followers of this blog. Glad you enjoy the blog, too. :)

- Sara

Anonymous asked: Merry meet. Is there anything I can do, spell-wise, to harden my heart against loneliness and/or being hurt and used by people? Thank you!

Hello, Anon! In this situation, I would recommend a protection spell, which should definitely help keep negative people out of your life. Here is a comprehensive list of protection spells you can browse through and see if there is anything you think would best meet your needs.

Hope this helps!

- Sara